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Five stars!! And if I could give it SIX stars, then I would. Jesse Dalton is one of the finest, most professional, and most skilled trainers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I deal mainly with rescue dogs — many of whom have never learned basic obedience or manners. Most of them have never had any training at all! But that doesn’t stop Jesse! His skills and ability to communicate with dogs is unmatched! He can teach any dog from any background to do anything! In fact, my dog Tuukka (and english bulldog/pit bull mix) came from a neglectful and abusive past. When I first took him home, he was unruly, anxious, and fearful/aggressive. I called on Jesse to remedy the problem – and per usual – he did just that! In just over a week, Tuukka went from a dog I was afraid would run away to a dog I felt safe letting off-leash. Where he was once constantly pulling on the leash and darting to and fro — Jesse taught him to walk peacefully at my side. Jesse dealt with his mouthing/nipping issues and his fear of being handled by people. Jesse turned him from a scared rescue dog into a perfect gentleman! I would HIGHLY reccomend Jesse Dalton and The Upbeat K9 anytime you need a professional to teach your dog anything! Whether its just basic manners and obedience or something more advanced, Jesse and his crew can do it! And I’m pretty sure they even do boarding next time you can’t take your pup on vacation with you!! 🙂

Dave Henshaw



My wife & I just want to say thank you so much for all of your hard work on our Abbey. You came & picked up a hyper little just over 3 month old Goldendoddle that I thought I may have to return because of my back. You brought us a wonderful addition to are family. She is a very strong will little girl, but now she knows when I say sit she sits, when I say down she lays down.
You even taught her in three short weeks how to get up in a position on the steps or an outdoor chair so that I don’t have to bend over , & hurt my back to get her hooked up to her leash. I have told everyone that tells me what a great puppy I have at such a young age that it was all you & your hard work.  

 From the bottom of our hearts,
 Thank you,
Tommy & Denise
Tommy Holt


Working with The Upbeat K9, Rutland VT changed my life.  A little under a year ago my life was dictated by worry about how my dogs would react.  I feared my mastiff’s reactivity would lead to my loosing him.  I did not have the tools to keep him, let alone myself safe.  I was to the point I couldn’t walk both my dogs at the same time for fear another dog might walk by and I would end up face down in the street.  Every decision I made was informed by the time I needed to put into “tiring” my dogs out so I could relax at home.  Now, I have no fears, and my dogs don’t need to be tried to behave.  My confidence in my training and my dogs has grown exponentially! I walk both my dogs ANYWHERE with no concerns.  I have the tool box to deal with negative behaviors my dogs exhibit and reactive behaviors are beginning to disappear.  I could not have accomplished any of this without Nathan and the UpBeat K9 staff! I have never gone longer than 36 hours without an email response and each time I call someone is available to speak with me.  The UpBeat K9 makes and INCREDIBLE effort to help owners/handlers succeed in raising confident, obedient, and balanced dogs, I truly believe they are as committed to the success of my dogs as I am.

Cammie Naylor

Bodie & Belle

If your looking for a professional, compassionate, extremely knowledgeable, ever evolving dog trainer look no further..the Upbeat K9, Jesse Dalton is the best. I have an 8 mo old, female, German shepherd, Zahara, who pulled on the leash, jumped all over guests and couldn’t refrain from all her excitement when seeing another dog and would attack the vacuum cleaner like it was public enemy number one. As Zahara reached 70lbs, no longer just a small puppy that I could pick up if she needed to be corrected, she was strong and would pull me like a rag doll. I know I needed help to gain some control over her for my safety as well as hers. So I called Jesse, for a free consultation and he came right over. I was so impressed with his calm demeanor, his honesty and knowledge I signed Zahara up for the 7day jumpstart program. The results are amazing..I still have a goofy puppy, but one who is obedient, who doesn’t drag me on the leash, who isn’t jumping on my guests, has learned to walk on the treadmill and who no longer wants to eat my vacuum cleaner. I wouldn’t trust my pup with anyone but Jesse Dalton. Not to mention If you ever have a follow up question or need extra help Jesse is always available. Thank you so much to the Upbeat K9, I couldn’t be more happy with Zahara’s transformation. –Signed: One Happy Mom!! ????????????????

Cheryl Charest


We were so fortunate to find Paige. When we were having a very tough time with our beautiful GSD, Paige was a godsend. Ilsa, is happy, attentive and loving! We can not thank Paige enough. Tony has spent time with Ilsa as well and both truly love what they do because they are so devoted. We are now going to have continual training because it’s not only good for Ilsa, but it’s great for us too. Instead of frustration we have FUN! If I could give 10 stars I would! Thank you Paige and Tony for sharing your talent! The BEST!

Tricia Mastrangelo


If you have been frustrated with your dog learning the basics and beyond, look no further! I am so thankful for the guidance Paige has given me with our 9 month old mini-goldendoodle. The Upbeat K9 Naples Team not only has the knowledge but they are truly passionate about helping you. Thank you Paige and Tony….Kooper and I are your biggest Fans!

Wendy Holm


By far the best training and boarding experience I’ve had! Jesse the owner and trainer is amazing he delivers everything you want and more he has a passion for training and you can tell. I have two 200lb Boerboels that needed some good solid training he came to my home and gave me a free consultation he was proffesional, thorough, and made me feel very comfortable about leaving my babies with him for 5 days of training, while showing me what and how he would attempt to train my dogs. I agreed to send them to him for 5 day training. While away he would update me as needed and send pics and videos of there progression and made me and my family feel very secure that they were in good hands. When they came back I was totally impressed with the results! He then took his time to show me how and what to do and trained me. I now can take both of them together anywhere I want, and they are very in tune with my direction I couldn’t be happier! I highly recommend the upbeat K9 to anyone who wants just a basic training or even dogs with any kind of behavior issues or whatever your need is. Highly recommend

Jason Aga

Duke & Rocky

We have a male Bernese Mountain dog and at 14 months he was difficult to handle, barking, and growling, and generally unfriendly toward people and other dogs.  We could not trust him like we trusted our previous dogs.  We called Jesse for help.  Jesse evaluated our dog at our home and recommended the Jump Start program.  When our dog returned home, he was transformed.  His bad behaviors are gone.  He is a calm, confident, friendly dog.  Today we have a dog we can trust.  I highly recommend Jesse and his team.  The transformation in our dog is no less than exemplary.  We will be forever grateful to Jesse and highly recommend him for all dog training needs.

Susan Williams


Jesse Dalton is amazing. What he did with my lab Murray in a week’s time is nothing short of a miracle. We were at our wits end with obedience training until we found Jesse. After a brief consult over the phone he came to our house to meet us and Murray in order to determine what corrective actions were needed and to game plan on how he could help. Five seconds after he arrived we instantly knew that Jesse was the solution. His approach, demeanor and knowledge are remarkable. It is evident that he has a love for dogs like no one I have ever seen. He treated Murray like he was his own and loved him as we do. All I can say is that after one week with Jesse, Murray was a completely different dog. He would now come, sit and stay when commanded and we no longer had to water ski behind him when going for a walk. In fact, we no longer need a leash to walk Murray! Jesse continues to be available should we have questions or need a refresher and is always more than willing to help if needed. Best part of this whole experience is that not only did we gain a friend, but so did Murray.

The Smith Family


Our family cannot thank Jesse Dalton enough for the well behaved dog that we now have. Murphy went through training over a year ago and is still the well mannered dog he came home as. Training is easy and simple to maintain. Jesse is always available to answer any questions that we have had and explains things in a way that is very easy to understand. Thank you Jesse for taking our crazy and uncontrollable lab puppy and transforming him into our loving family pet and our son’s best friend!

Michelle George


I would highly recommend working with Paige and Tony at Upbeat K-9. They customized a package that best suited my needs. They trained me to train my dog, and it’s an ongoing process. Paige has been working with my Thor since he was 4 months old, and he just turned 1. We worked on socialization, manners, basic obedience and were not stopping there. Thor received his Canine Good Citizens Certification at 10 months old, and gets nothing but rave reviews when we are out. Everyone compliments me on how well-mannered he is, thanks to a lot of hard work on my part with Paige and Tony! I just got Thor a Sister, “Freyja” and she begins training with upbeat k -9 next month. I take my Berger Blanc Suisse Shepherds very seriously, they excel at obedience, therapy, agility, Doc Diving, search and rescue and much more, and Paige and Tony can train them to do it all! This is not my first set of well-behaved shepherds, but it was a huge help have experienced trainers to help me with my 2nd set. The group classes are fantastic and we look forward to them every week. I would not trust anyone else to train and handle my two Fur babies!

Sandy Panarello

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