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The Upbeat K9™ is a premiere dog training company whose balanced training system is based on fostering and nurturing a working relationship between you and your dog with clear communication, consistency and trust. Whether your dog is a goofy puppy, you want to bring obedience to the next level or your dog has behavioral challenges, we have programs that will fit your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my dog too old to be trained?

No, it doesn't matter what breed, sex, or age your dog is, we have a program that will work for him/her.

Will this training change my dogs personality?

No, The Upbeat K9 training will enhance your dog's personality and bring out a more confident and well-rounded dog.

Will my dog remember me after he/she takes part in the Jumpstart Program?

Yes! Your dog will be very excited to see you at the end of his/her stay with us.

Do you work with aggressive dogs?

Yes. We pride ourselves with the ability to train any dog, regardless of behaviors and issues. We are fully insured and safety is our number one concern with all dogs, especially when there is any aggression.

How will you motivate my dog?

At The Upbeat K9 we motivate your dog by incorporating their favorite things into the training program. This makes training both fun and productive for your dog.

How can I get my dog started with The Upbeat K9? Is there a trial?

It's easy! The Upbeat K9 offers A FREE CONSULTATION to start your dog(s) off to see if this is a good fit for him/her and discuss your goals and design a training program. Simply follow the steps below to get started today:  

  1. Find a Upbeat K9 Location near you via our Locations page.
  2. Schedule aFREE CONSULTATION! via Phone or Email. You can find the phone number for a specific Upbeat K9 Location by visiting the locations page.

If you have any questions we’re here to help! Contact The Upbeat K9™ via phone or email.

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