The Ultimate Guide to House of Hoytt: Your Pet's Paradise

Dec 13, 2023


Welcome to House of Hoytt, the premier destination for all your pet-related needs. Whether you're searching for top-quality pet services, sprawling dog parks, or professional pet training, we have it all. At House of Hoytt, we understand that your pets are more than just animals; they are part of your family. That's why we strive to provide exceptional care, ensuring your furry friends are as happy and healthy as can be.

Pet Services at House of Hoytt

When it comes to pet services, House of Hoytt sets the standard. From grooming and boarding to daycare and veterinary care, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your pet's every need.

Grooming Services

Our experienced groomers are dedicated to providing your pets with a pampering experience. From luxurious baths and nail trims to breed-specific haircuts, your furry friend will leave looking and feeling their best.

Boarding and Daycare

At House of Hoytt, we understand that pet parents sometimes need a helping hand. Whether you're going away for a weekend or need day-to-day daycare, our spacious and comfortable facilities are the perfect solution. With dedicated staff and tailored care plans, your pet will receive the attention and love they deserve while you're away.

Veterinary Care

Your pet's health is our top priority. Our on-site veterinary clinics offer a wide range of services, including wellness exams, vaccinations, emergency care, and more. Our team of skilled veterinarians and technicians are dedicated to keeping your furry friends in the best possible health.

Explore our Dog Parks

At House of Hoytt, we believe that dogs should have their own slice of paradise. That's why we've created expansive and well-designed dog parks where your furry companions can socialize, exercise, and have the time of their lives.

Off-Leash Areas

Our dog parks feature vast off-leash areas with plenty of room for dogs to run, play, and explore. Our parks are securely fenced, ensuring your pet's safety while they enjoy the freedom to roam.

Agility Courses

We also provide various agility courses within our parks, designed to challenge and stimulate dogs of all sizes and breeds. From tunnels and jumps to balance beams and weave poles, there's something to keep every pup entertained and active.

Socialization Opportunities

House of Hoytt's dog parks are vibrant hubs of canine socialization. Your furry friend will have the chance to meet and interact with other dogs, fostering healthy social skills and friendships.

Pet Training Programs

At House of Hoytt, we believe that every pet deserves the opportunity to learn and grow. That's why we offer a variety of specialized training programs to help your pet become a well-mannered and balanced member of your family.

Puppy Training

Our puppy training programs are designed to provide a solid foundation for your young furry companion. From basic obedience commands to potty training and socialization, our experienced trainers will help set your puppy up for a lifetime of good behavior.

Advanced Training

For older dogs or those in need of more advanced training, our expert trainers offer personalized programs tailored to your pet's specific needs. Whether you're looking to address behavioral issues or refine obedience skills, we have the expertise to guide you and your pet towards success.

Therapy Dog Training

If you're interested in certifying your dog as a therapy dog, we provide comprehensive training to prepare your pet for this rewarding role. Our training focuses on building confidence and teaching the necessary skills required to bring comfort and joy to those in need.


House of Hoytt is your one-stop destination for all things pet-related. With our range of pet services, expansive dog parks, and professional training programs, we aim to be the best in the business. Put your trust in House of Hoytt, and experience the exceptional care and dedication we have for your furry friends. Visit our website at to learn more and book your pet's next adventure!